Winning Blastcar Secrets™

Building a fast, winning CO2 Blastcar

How to Build a Winning CO2 Blastcar

About the Author: , Pinewood Pro founder

If you want to win your CO2 blastcar race, you need 2 things:

Winning Blastcar Secrets™

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  • About the author and Blastcar Pro

  • CO2 Powered Blastcar Racing
    1. How to Build a Blastcar Track
    2. How to Determine Blastcar Race Winner
    3. Boy Scouts Blastcar Rules

  • Safety First

  • Playing by the Rules

  • Have Fun

  • Share the Joy

  • How this Book is Written

Designing your CO2 powered Blastcar

  • Imagination First - Don't make every car the same!
  • CO2 Car Design Styles
    1. Dragster, Rail Cars
    2. Platform Cars
    3. Shell Cars
    4. Pod Cars
    5. Hybrid Cars
    6. Novelty Cars
    7. Downloadable Blastcar Designs

Building Your CO2 Car

  • Rough Cuts
  • Shaping
  • Fine Tuning
  • Painting - It's not just for looks!
  • Finishing Touches

Physics of CO2 Car Racing

  • Mass and the Skinny on Weight
  • Inertia and Newton's First Law
    1. Wheel Inertia
    2. Don't Get Torqued!
    3. Winning Wheels
    4. Winning Car Weight
  • Acceleration and Terminal velocity
  • Friction - the enemy of speed
    1. Aerodynamics and Drag
    2. Friction Killer the secret to maximize speed
    3. A Slicker (and cleaner) Lubricant
    4. DON'T use this Lubricant!
  • Newton's Third Law of Motion - Propulsion and Thrust

Race Winning Secrets

  • Designing your car for Aerodynamics
  • Reducing the Drag Pocket
  • Long and Lean
  • Center of Gravity
  • Going Straight
  • CO2 Cartridge Tips
  • Secret CO2 Power Tip
  • The Flipper - Coolest Car Design
  • Eyelet Tips
    1. Don't get cross-eyed
    2. Best eyelet position
    3. More eyelet tips
  • Speed Axles
  • PRO Grooved and Graphite-coated Super Speed Axles
  • Optimal Wheel Gap
  • Beware of the Paper Tiger
  • Don't Fly into the Wind!
  • Golf Balling

Final Co2 Blastcar Race Preps

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