Blastcar Building Supplies

Tools and Speed Supplies

CO2 Cartridge

blastcar co2 cartridge

8 gram CO2 cartridge for Blastcar racing.

Note: While these cartridges are the exact 8g CO2 cartridge that BSA issues, BSA rules state you must use BSA cartridges for official races.

These CO2 cartridges are perfect for practice runs.

Only $0.65

Blastcar Axle Driver

blastcar hex axle driver tool

Use the Blastcar axle driver to easily screw in your axles so they are straight. Straight axles are critical to your car's speed.

The little hex alan wrench that comes with the BSA Blastcar kit is small and difficult to handle, making it virtually impossible to screw in your axles straight. If you are going to buy one tool for building your Blastcar, this is the one!

The Blastcar Hex Axle Driver makes screwing in your axles quick and simple. Our driver even includes a swivel head (yellow cap) to save your palms when screwing in your axles.

Only $7.95

Wood Filler

wood filler

Use Wood Filler for filling in nicks or holes that happen after cutting. Wood Filler is essential for any wood project

Only $3.25

Weighing Scale

derby car scale

Weigh your car to be sure it meets your rules. Typical Blastcar rules state that your car must be no less than 5 ounces without the CO2 cartridge.

Scale features a blue backlit LCD and stainless steel weighing platform. Battery included.

When you finish with your car, you can use it for:

  • Postage scale so you put accurate postage on your letter mail or parcels
  • Kitchen scale for accurate recipe portions
  • Counting things
  • Other weighing applications.

Scale weighs up to 13lbs in .1oz increments so it can be used for many purposes after your race.

Includes Lbs/Kg (oz/grams) option, a hold key and even a tare option for weighing lots of items.

only $34.95

Axle Polishing Kit

pinewood derby axle polisher

Polished Axles Improve Your Speed!

Axle polishing kit contains black wet-or-dry sandpaper, pumice and full instructions for polishing your axles.

To increase speed, polish your axles to a mirror shine using the pumice.

This kit has everything you need, including step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Note that this kit was issued for pinewood derby cars so it contains 5 spare pinewood derby axles which can not be used on Blastcars.

only $4.95

Coping Saw and Wood Rasp

Coping Saw for making precise cuts in a narrow space. Contains mulitiple, thin saw blades for any cut.

Kit also contains a Wood Rasp for rounding and shaping.

Cutting and Shaping kit includes:

  • Coping Saw
  • 5 saw blades
  • 4 sided Wood rasp
  • Full Instructions
Only $12.95
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