Blastcar Pictures

First Blastcar races!

Blastcar pictures and Photos from First races in 2012!

Blastcar CO2 Racer pictures will give you ideas for your own car design.

Send us pictures of your cool Blastcar design for the Blastcar Pro Picture Gallery!

Check back often - we will be adding new car pictures from 2012 races.

Blastcar Pro Car Picture Gallery

Blastcar Pro Starship picture
Blastcar Starship

The Starship Blastcar didn't travel the furthest but it was the hottest racer on the track!

blastcar army truck picture

Blastcar Army Truck

This blastcar was all about Army Power and showing off some cool design techniques.

The Army Truck was heavy so it did not go very far, but it stole the show as the coolest design.

blastcar missile car image

Blastcar Missile

The missile blastcar is all about aerodynamics with virtually no wind resistance.

Indy Blastcar picture

Indy Blastcar

The Indy Blastcar is the coolest and hotest car on the track.

picture of blastcars at launch

Blastcar's at Launch Gate

I captured a nice image of two Blastcars at the instant of launch.

Love those CO2 smoke plumes!

Blastcars launching picture

Image of Blastcars launching

Another snapshot of Blastcars, with CO2 smoke plumes, at the instant they are launching out of the starting gate.

Looks like the black car has the jump!

short block car photo

The Short Block Car

Will the Short Block go faster than a long block?

Tomahawk Blastcar photo

Tomahawk Missile Blastcar

Aerodynamic Tomahawk is ready for launch.

The Ripper Blastcar photo

The Ripper Blastcar

From Blastcar Pro Designs
You can build this car! Get full instructions with cut-out template patterns.

Scorpion Blastcar picture

Scorpion Car

First Blastcar Race at the Hartford Scout Shop. Over 20 racers competed to test out the latest Boy Scout car racer.

OA blastcar picture

Order of the Arrow Car

OA is on the track with this double rail car. Looks aerodynamic enough!

3 wheel blastcar

Three Wheeler

Experimental 3 wheel blastcar looked cool but had navigation problems and the front eyelet dragged on the track...back to the drawing board!

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