Blastcar CO2 Car Designs

Full plans with templates and 3D images

Coolest Blastcar CO2 Car design plans

Our cool Blastcar CO2 Car design plans include cut-out template patterns, axle placement, eyelet placement for optimal performance, speed hints, building tips and problems to avoid.

Our Blastcar design plans show each step illustrated in 3-Dimension (3D) images,
so you can't make a mistake.

See your car in 6 different painting schemes and each
design includes 360 degree animation so you can view it from all angles.

Blastcars are CO2 powered pine wood cars for Boy Scouts. They are the same a CO2Dragster cars that are typically made in grade school wood shops, except that Blastcars are pine wood blocks whereas Dragster CO2 cars are built from balsa wood.

Want to make your Blastcar fast? Read our Winning Blastcar Secrets book that details everything from building your car to the Physics of CO2 car racing. Everything you need to build a winning car.
All car plans are available as instant download PDF files.

Blastcar CO2 Car Design Plans

The Ripper - Blastcar design
The Ripper - CO2 Blastcar Pro Design Plan

The Ripper is not only a cool design,
it is designed to maximize speed and distance,
starting with its aerodynamic profile.

Rip the competition with...THE RIPPER!

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Only $4.95

Blastcar design - tomahawk missile
Tomahawk Missile - CO2 Blastcar Pro Design

The tomahawk Missile is about as aerodynamic as you can get. You can build this car with our easy to follow step-by-step guide with 3D images showing each cut.

Blast to the finish in your Tomahawk Missile!

Instant Download

Only $4.95

Blastcar design plan
The Fireball - CO2 Blastcar Pro Design

The Fireball is a dual rail aerodynamic car with a front wing and bullet-style CO2 housing.
Car plan includes cut-out template patterns with axle placement and eyelet placement for optimal performance.

Blast to the finish with your... Fireball Blastcar!

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Only $4.95

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Save it, print it, or come back later to view it again.

We will be adding new Blastcar designs weekly, so check back often!

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