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Blastcar Pro for CO2 Car Racing

Blastcar is a CO2 powered race car for Boy Scouts. A Blast Car is different from a Cub Scout pinewood derby car because a Blastcar is powered by a CO2 cartridge that blasts the car out of the starting gate, while a pinewood derby car is gravity powered.

To design a fast Blastcar that travels far, you need to understand the physics of CO2 car racing and design your car, wheels and axles to maximize speed and distance.

Blastcar Pro shows you how with our Winning Blastcar Secrets™ book and the products you need, such as PRO Blastcar Wheels and Axles to help Boy Scouts have as much fun building and acing their Blastcar as they did racing Pinewood Derby Cars.

If you need help, or just want to discuss Blastcar racing, give us a call...203-362-8342

PRO Speed Axles

blast car graphite-coated axles
Fastest Blastcar Axles

Official Boy Scout Blastcar® axles with two grooves and Blastcar Pro's exclusive graphite-coating.

Proven to maximize speed and distance!


Winning Blastcar Secrets

Winning blast car Secrets book
How to build a winning car

Get all the Blast Car speed and distance tips, along with mistakes to avoid.

Build a cool and fast blast car that maximizes distance.

Call for FREE review copy!

Instant download
only $5.95

PRO Ultra-Lite Wheels

blast car ultra-lite wheels
Wheels Precision Tuned for Speed

Official Boy Scout Blastcar® wheels, precision lightened while maintaining stability, with graphite-coated hubs!


Polished and Grooved BlastCar® Axles

blast car polished speed axles
Axles Engineered for Speed

Official Boy Scout Blastcar® axles, polished to perfection with two grooves to maximize speed and distance


Blastcar Designs

blastcar design plans
Blast Car CO2 Design Plans

Coolest Blastcar design plans include cut-out template patterns, step-by-step 3D illustrations, painting schemes, speed hints and 360 animations.

Instant downloads
only $4.95

Speed Wheels

blast car speed wheels

Wheels Precision Tuned for Speed

Official Boy Scout Blastcar® wheels, precision lathed and lightened


Graphite and NyOil

pinewood derby graphite and nyoil lube
Powdered graphite and NyOil lubes

Increase your car speed with dry powdered graphite with molybdenum additive, or NyOil lubericants.

$3.95 and $8.95

Building Supplies

pinewood derby tools
Car building supplies and tools

Coping saw, wood rasps, sandpaper, sealers, CO2 cartridges and Blastcar building tools.

Paints, Stickers, Decals

pinewood derby paints, decals, stickers
Finishing touches for your car

Make your car look great with some of our high gloss paints, sealers, custom decals and stickers and more designs.

$4.95 and up

Accessories, Supplies

pinewood derby accessories and supplies
DVD, race car driver and scales

Digital scale to weigh your car, Down and Derby movie DVD, race car driver and car eyes to add fun and complete your Blastcar.

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